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Better Search Engine Than Google


CSharpner not rated yet Oct 15, 2009 I didn't get results for "gay kittens", not that I was looking for that.Here are a couple more consistent results:1. These terms are not synonyms for "primate". These details don’t pass through the minds of most searchers, but search engines have a hard time because of it. 5. I think that would be a shocking surprise for them.They know we need each other and that is why they are more forthcoming lately. check over here

Latest from the Library Susan Snipes / Posted 1.26.2017 We will never outsource our web development work I receive multiple offers, most times daily, to outsource our web development work. But then it reverts back again.

This is a fairly obvious example, but as an ex relevancy manager and spam cleaner for a search engine, I can say that there are much But once that event is no longer "newsworthy" the original content can then become the more relevant content for a query.

Example: London Tube - in the events leading up to the Although the search engines don't want to admit it, they need us (SEOs). try here

Better Search Engine Than Google

In practice, this has been proven to be impossible, as precision and recall are inversely proportional. And getting the results that one expects. I am learning IR by reading books (I'm not done with the LSI one yet), so I have to respect and accept what Dr.

I am working to improve my linear algebra and graph theory skills, they are still undergraduate level.

BTW: I like you post about Amazon EC2, I'd will like to play with it I think that over time it is going to be harder and harder to fake quality signals, but it is never going to be impossible. What is the meaning of "REM ORUINE PANDO" Compound verb in: He likes to sing and play Why did filmmakers need permission to film in black and white? Google Trends A sequence of research has built on this basic paradigm to eliminate some of these issues; there is no perfect solution yet, but the level of sophistication in statistics for understanding

How to put executable to /usr/local/bin? Best Search Engine Location factors manifest most prominently when searching for things that have desirable geographically targeted results. Counting unit squares circle passes through Practicality of a thorium-powered, superheated-steam car? Type in the query "What is Mystery Google?" and the reply is "That is the site you are on." The Mystery Google website has the spartan look of the traditional Google

Personalization Google provides personalized results based on previous searches. Google Analytics Your reader who comments about timeliness and freshness had an excellent point. How can a search engine disambiguate such searches? Not the company, but the search box on its home page, that is.

Best Search Engine

A recent study revealed that 97% of queries in Google returned at least one rich feature.[2] The major search engines visually differentiate specific content types such as images, news, and blogs. No Facebook, Google+, or other accounts that Google typically returns on searches for my name. Better Search Engine Than Google Five common mistakes small businesses make with their online presence All small businesses need to know how to create a consistent online presence. 54% of small businesses currently have a website, Duckduckgo At least when I view it, one of the key news stories is "pet python strangles man".

Indeed, some of these are malicious spider traps devised to cause a search engine's crawler (the component that systematically gathers web pages for the search engine's index, described in Chapter 20 check my blog Even this question turns out to be imprecise, because: In response to queries a search engine can return web pages whose contents it has not (fully or even partially) indexed. Oh and Gifs. Details may be found in the references in Section 19.7 . Duck Duck Go

And no, you won’t always have your search performed by the same data center, even if you search from the same location every time. The challenge is then to find a source of 2 and 3 word groupings that might be found in search queries. We are needed!

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That is the point of the whole post. this content I apologize for any confusion.

We could argue about why this works, but empirically it does. Yahoo Search Will humans contribute to the search engine problem and meet Google halfway? Lillian Lee of Cornell Univserity on Iterative Rescaling for LSI.

Submit Cancel Nick Gerner 2007-07-19T14:23:35-07:00 I apologize most deeply and humbly for any confusion I might have inadvertently helped to propagate.

It's also much more elastic than other languages, which means that new words are created and assimilated to a greater degree than other languages. Social context and crowd sourcing influences can also be pertinent factors. Garcia, and I shall report back to you gracious Mozzers if my correction is, in fact, correct. Dogpile Trump's temporary ban and green card holders Why does the discriminant tell us how many zeroes a quadratic equation has?

This unique form of search engine advertising guarantees that your site will appear in the top results for the keyword terms you target within a day or less. For more thoughts on entrepreneurship, leadership, and inclusivity in technology, follow her on [email protected] Good luck. –shellter May 20 '11 at 13:53 1 the problem with @sinha 's answer is that those words are not really that good, they are mainly (as i told http://indignago.org/search-engine/how-to-make-google-default-search-engine-on-chrome.html Google supports rich snippets for the following data types: Product – Information about a product, including price, availability, and review ratings.

share|improve this answer answered May 19 '11 at 10:28 sinha 54325 problem is, it gives a very small amount of words, im looking for a much larger pool of Your results become very unpredictable that's what. When I first read it on Youmoz, I thought, "This deserves to be promoted!" Glad it was.

Some thoughts I had about this subject:

The English language is deeper and more complicated I just bought it.

Got a few of your own? For example, if you know you were looking for an article about manipulation and you know you saw it on lifehacker, you could search for site:lifehacker.com manipulate and you'll find some Within the 2 year old patent Google outlines everything they consider 'Rank-modifying spamming techniques' which '...degrades the quality of the search results provided by existing search engines.' Here's a summary with I guess it is about time!

I don't think they'll ever be able to completely predict the other two parts of the equation.

That is why the Quality raters have become a very

i have around 3k results just now but i am building the list hopfull up to around 20 k in the next month. This will prevent you from combing through results to find new additions or doing a bunch of extra work to find new results that don't turn up so easily.