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There’s a lot of interesting information there that will come in handy for us, particularly positional coordinates. Finally, let’s cache a variable for our active class and call it active. Here’s the first refactor: (function() { "use strict"; /////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////// // // H E L P E R F U N C T I O N S // /////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////// /** These commands come from one of two places: shell commands stored within the system Registry, and context menu handlers. 3) You can also try ShellExtView or  ShellMenuView. navigate here

Try This! It also lets you disable or remove items from the Internet Explorer context menu. There are other registry locations too where this data may be stored. Enable/disable the commands which are added by other applications to the context menu and much more! 5] If you are you looking for a fast and easy way to clean up

Right Click Extender

Alright, now we have a basic little playground to work within. This is useful for those apps that either didn't give you a choice in the matter, or those that used some sneakiness to make the option go unnoticed. First of all, let’s cache all the objects we need: var contextMenuClassName = "context-menu"; var contextMenuItemClassName = "context-menu__item"; var contextMenuLinkClassName = "context-menu__link"; var contextMenuActive = "context-menu--active"; var taskItemClassName = "task"; var

When you're done, click "OK." The change will be immediate, so go right-click something in File Explorer and make sure the command is gone. David Green, Jan 17Functional JavaScript Programming Premium Course1h 1m Premium CourseDarin Haener, Jun 09Diving into ES2015 Latest Books Browse all 15 books Premium BookJames HibbardECMAScript 2015: A SitePoint AnthologyDive into the Let’s move on to positioning the menu, and finally we’ll look at a possible option for handling events inside the menu. Right Click Menu Windows 10 Usually the available choices are actions related to the selected object.

I try to impart my knowledge as much as possible on my personal blog, callmenick.com. Right Click Context Menu Javascript Together, we run SAYSM. Most people use this menu to quickly create a desktop shortcut or zip a file, but you can add much more using this utility. The same overflow issue will occur.

There are five different tools in the package. Context Edit But how is it done? Add Useful Shortcuts Once you’ve removed junk you don’t need, the next step is adding cool shortcuts that you’ll actually use. If it was, then we’ll perform our action, and close the menu after: function clickListener() { document.addEventListener( "click", function(e) { var clickeElIsLink = clickInsideElement( e, contextMenuLinkClassName ); if ( clickeElIsLink )

Right Click Context Menu Javascript

Just select one or more items and then click the "Disable" button to remove the items from your context menu. For each event listener on each task item, we will prevent default behaviour. Right Click Extender Lightweight. Shell Menu View We'll also cover how to configure the VS Code debugger, if you use VS Code, as well as...

share|improve this answer edited Dec 19 '08 at 18:58 answered Dec 19 '08 at 18:48 Triptych 117k25122154 1 Glad this worked. check over here With web apps being accessed by a variety of devices lately, we find ourselves implementing many gestures and actions to give them a more natural feeling. Instead of editing the Registry, you can download two tools from NirSoft to clean up your context menu. JOIN THE DISCUSSION (2 REPLIES) January 18, 2017 Biswa @Walter_Glenn Sir, in your example, "Let’s take a look at one item as an example. Windows 10 Context Menu

Customizing the Send-to Menu The Send-to function in the right-click context menu is especially useful for average PC users since it is simple to add handy functions to it. Scroll down toward the bottom of both those pages to find the download links. Browser Compatibility This tutorial made use of some modern CSS and JavaScript, namely flex for layouts in CSS, and classList for class toggling in JavaScript. his comment is here Read More .

At the end of this tutorial, you’ll see a working example on CodePen. Menu Maid We will ultimately want certain variables or attributes to be associated with the context menu. Let’s get building!

You’ll notice that the position is logged, and available for us.

If you’re working along in CodePen, you can easily include auto-prefixer and CSS reset in the settings pane. Once you’ve installed it, open CCleaner and click the Tools button on the left sidebar. In a web browser, when a right-click action is performed, an event gets fired. File Menu Tools We admit, it's a good amount of information to absorb just to change a menu that you've probably grown used to, but you might be surprised at how much more pleasant

Since you've now read all about what Registry keys to look through when you're removing stuff, you won't be suprised that adding things involves a lot of those same keys. For now, you might find it handy to locate each of those locations in the Registry and add them to your favorites list so that they're easier to browse through later. Yep, those work here, too. weblink Read more.

Let’s continue with the CSS. If you occasionally use a menu item, but don't want it cluttering up your regular context menu, you can hide it away on the extended context menu you see only when Our initialiser function remains the same, but our first change lies in the contextListener function. Let’s take it a little further now, and implement the following two steps: We’ll prevent the default behaviour when we right-click on a task item.

He loves discussing and playing video games, and hosted his own podcast in years past. Yes, it’s a common example and you’re probably sick of hearing about task list applications, but let’s roll with it anyways because it always paints a clear picture. Want to get rid of the cruft you don't use, and add some actually useful items to the context menu? In our example, we're disabling the "Add to VLC media player's Playlist" item only when you right-click a folder (the same example we used in the Registry section previously), but we

Until then though, let’s work together and build it up ourselves step by step, so you can see the progression. You can disable an application by clicking on the folder in the left pane and then right-clicking on the key value in the right pane and choosing "Modify". We’ll only focus on the ESC key for this tutorial. Our clickInsideElement helper actually returns an element if we have a match, so here’s where we can set that up: function contextListener() { document.addEventListener( "contextmenu", function(e) { taskItemInContext = clickInsideElement( e,

You could still delete the whole DropboxExt key to remove it from the context menu (and be sure to back the key up if you do), but there is a simple You’ll be able to get page information, or view the source. From here, you can probably create a new folder, get some information, as well as other actions. I will discuss each approach.

But a few things are still not working correctly.