How To Ensure Security of Your Telecommunication Network?

A small to big organizations have massive communication requirements. In a majority of the time the sensitive communication in terms of audio, video and data usually traverses in the telecommunication network. Thus, it is very vital to apply the security checks to safeguard the sensitive data and telecommunication network of the company. This is required to keep communication up and running as well as secure them from external attacks and hacks. There are different types of security firewall and tools available. If you are using the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network for your communication needs, then the best security guard is the “Session Border Controller (SBC)” solution.

The Session Border Controller in a VoIP network offers the highest possible security. It sits n the border of the network and safeguards the whole system. It checks and filters each data and signal passes through the network. It controls the signaling and other related transmission of the data. Any call coming or leaving the network would first screened by the SBC system. This nature of SBC solution offers the maximum security.

Apart from security, the Session Border Controller system offers many other features such as

  • Codec transcoding
  • NAT traversal
  • Overload Protection
  • Topology hiding
  • Access control
  • Fraud prevention
  • Interoperability
  • Failover support
  • And more.

These custom features of the Session Border controller solution furnish the owner organization the added value and benefits. However, each organization might not need all these features. It can be the case when an organization needs certain features only or an organization has restricted budget for this new venture of integrating the security feature in the VoIP network. They might not be able to spend for extra features offered by the SBC System upfront. The solution of all these concerns is to get a custom SBC Software development. This will ensure to get you the specific solution, which will fit your custom requirements. If you are thinking of how to get such custom solution then here are a few guidelines for the same.

List out the features you want

You have to be clear for your network and security requirements. Just pen down the needs in brief. Make a list of features need to be part of your Session Border Controller system. For example, you only want to safeguard the network with the basic SBC features or you want to add some extra features such as Codec transcoding.

Check the VoIP Software Developer

There are many VoIP software development companies across the world which offers the custom SBC software development services. Use internet to find a few out of them. You can either directly get them from Google or you can put the job to hire an agency on freelancing portals. By using any medium, list a few potential VoIP solution developers.

Test the expertise

Ask for previously performed tasks, portfolio or client references, which prove the expertise of the developer. You can also test the skills of a developer by asking a few related questions or ask him to brief you how his experience and services can benefit you to get the best SBC solution.

Award the one

Based on the set criteria such as understanding, budget, delivery time, etc. choose the best fit and award him/ the agency your SBC software development project.

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