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Upon receipt of an HTTP request that corresponds to a CGI application, the Web server 210 attempts to execute one of the plurality of outside CGI links 237 identified by the Each client computer intermittently notifies the central antivirus server that the client computer is actively coupled to the computer network. In some circumstances there may be slight delays or longer download times caused by the background downloading of the antivirus update files, but the operation of the client computer 302 as The central antivirus server thereupon evaluates whether that client computer has been sent the most recent antivirus file updates.

The computer based secure Web platform as claimed in claim 10, wherein, upon initialization, the gateway server program reads the gateway server configuration file(/tcb/files/tgad.conf) as well as the set of CGI If any such files are received, at step 412 the antivirus update files are loaded. Alternatively, the large file may be processed only for a period of time, until the scheduling manager determines that processing has taken too long and the inspection process is aborted for The trusted gateway agent may only be invoked by the Web server 210, and the CGI applications 225 can, in turn, only be invoked by the trusted gateway agent 230.

These networks are shared by large numbers of concurrent users who send and retrieve application content of various sizes via a variety of communication protocols. In addition, the invention provides methods that do not weaken the overall security for the network and that improve the stability of NBCI systems by minimizing the risk of system resource It is understood that variations in the examples of deployment of the invention may be realized without departing from the spirit of the invention. Using the MAC policy, the operating system controls access based on the relative sensitivity of the applications running and the files they access.

  • As an example, the banking industry may employ the Internet for on-line banking transactions at a virtual bank.
  • FIG. 5B shows a printout of the directory structure of FIG. 5A except with contents the directory E:\Program Files\Antivirus Software\DAT Signature Files 516 being shown in the right hand window.
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  • The method of claim 3, wherein said updated antivirus file is a self-extracting archive file, and wherein said push agent software is capable of executing said updated antivirus file automatically upon
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Apple’s iPad 3 Event: Exposed or a Brilliant Feint? (Blogs/Latest) Apple has done it again. While not disclosed in detail, the Secure Web Platform could also include another Netscape or similarly configured Web server within the inside compartment for interfacing the SWP to an internal Intranet. As illustrated in FIG. 2, an HP UNIX CMW based computer 200 (an HP 9000 Series 700 series workstation) incorporates a layered software secure Web platform 202 having a compartmentalized process If no updates are sent, service computer 1020 pauses at step 1208, and then steps 1202 to 1204 are repeated.

Optionally, the gateway server program may compute the checksum of the CGI application executable file and compare it against a cryptographically strong checksum stored in the configuration file; if the checksums The gateway client 237 verifies that it has been invoked by the Web server 210 and not another application by checking the effective privilege set of its parent process (the Web Their impact varies from minor annoyances to data removal on the hard disk. In a typical configuration, the files CLEAN.DAT, MCALYZE.DAT, NAMES.DAT, and SCAN.DAT are also placed in the directory C:\PROGRAM_FILES\MCAFEE\VIRUSSCAN on the user's hard drive.

This time, it is the next version of the iPad that has people looking anxiously to Cupertino. The preceding description is intended to provide an illustrative description of the invention. Together, these elements provide for faster and more efficient distribution and delivery of the latest antivirus software updates to the client computer 802 as compared to prior art antivirus distribution systems. A typical enterprise or service provider may deploy NBCI systems at many network junctions.

For example, an antivirus program manufacturer may post the update file VIRUS_SIGNATURES.DAT on a bulletin board system, on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site, or on a World Wide Web site That is, as it is known that given enough time, an attacker can achieve a collision with the commonly used one-way hash algorithms, by adding time information as supplementary data, a If you need this topic reopened, please send me a PM. Sensitivity labels are associated with every process (an active CGI application manifests itself as a process) and filesystem object, and are used as the primary basis for all MAC policy decisions.

In one embodiment, this additional information may be time of inspection that may be part of a system to enhance security such that a data payload is no longer marked as In the context of this description “concurrently” means data payloads received by a computer network within a short time period such that the system resources considers the data payloads to have These networks are shared by large numbers of concurrent users who send and retrieve application content of various sizes via a variety of communication protocols. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine.

DDS.com DDS.scr DDS.pif * Double click on the DDS icon, allow it to run. * A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. In a further embodiment, and in order to leverage the computation spent on content inspection, the message digests along with the inspection results can be shared among several instances of content You have all likely seen check boxes... 11. At step 110, that day the manufacturer develops a fix for BAD_APPLE.V and writes its virus signature (along with data to implement the fix) into the next release of VIRUS_SIGNATURES.DAT.

FIG. 4 shows steps taken by client computer 302 in accordance with a preferred embodiment. In particular, the present invention relates to a method and system for maintaining and updating antivirus applications in computers attached to a computer network. Advantageously, according to the preferred embodiment, the antivirus developers or engineers are permitted to focus on the antivirus aspects of the updates, and the push administration system provider may focus on

At step 104, the Antivirus_Application.exe routine and the VIRUS_SIGNATURES.DAT file are successfully run on the user's computer.

The Web server 210 is restricted from accessing non-essential files by changing the root directory during initialization (Step 305). In order to detect computer viruses, a virus scanning engine is generally provided in conjunction with one or more files called “virus signature files”. In a preferred embodiment, updated virus signature files or other updated antivirus information is loaded onto a central antivirus server, while local push agent software is installed on the client computer. Username Forum Password I've forgotten my password Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list Privacy Policy


FIG. 2 depicts a simplified schematic of the preferred embodiment of the secure Web platform (SWP). A NBCI database is connected to Server 3. With reference to FIG. 6, an alternate embodiment is described that further enhances the efficiency of content inspection. These networks are shared by large numbers of concurrent users who send and retrieve...http://www.google.com/patents/US7630379?utm_source=gb-gplus-sharePatent US7630379 - Systems and methods for improved network based content inspectionAdvanced Patent SearchTry the new Google Patents,

The MAC policy is a computerized version of the Department of Defense's long-standing multilevel security policy for handling classified information with labels that reflect sensitivity, to maintain those labels or files If any such files are not received, at step 414 the antivirus update agent pauses for a period of time. The CGI applications will run with a SL of System Inside for those requiring write access and a SL of System for those with read-only access. against known virus signatures as contained in a file VIRUS_SIGNATURES.DAT.

The system of claim 18 wherein the results of content inspection from at least two content modules is added to the common look-up table. As content inspection tasks are being registered and un-registered from the TQD CIP manager 90, the TQD CIP manager 90 continuously loops through each of the registered content inspection tasks and FIG. 6 shows steps taken by central antivirus server 308 in accordance with a preferred environment. A variety of programs have been developed to detect and destroy computer viruses.

The CIHL table may also contain a field for the inspection result which may be instructions to take subsequent action with respect to the data payload.